Fly Fishing In Butte Montana

Butte, Montana is known as having small-town charm with a big city feel. As the county seat for Silverbow, Butte has a place in history as a silver mining mecca. While seated on a high plateau, surrounded by majestic mountains, from bustling downtown to the local river, stream, or lake is all just a quick trip away when you enjoy what Butte has to offer. The rivers in this area are world renown for their superb accessibility, conditions, and abundance of fish. Nature is at its best in one of the sweetest spots in the state.

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The natural beauty of the environment coupled with accessibility to modern amenities makes Butte, Montana the perfect place for a fishing vacation. It is no wonder that people choose to soak in the natural hot springs, camp and hike in the surrounding mountains, boat on the lakes and rivers, and golf near a stay at a resort cabin. Other favorite recreation includes boating, jet skiing, hunting, horseback riding, and during the winter ice fishing, as well as cross-country, downhill skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, and snowmobiling are all quite popular.

We offer guided fly fishing trips all year round to all the best destination spots in and around Butte. Being seasoned anglers with expert gear gives us the opportunity to share our fishing knowledge with our clients. From knowing the best places to fish, whether popular or isolated to being armed with the most up-to-the-minute fishing reports, we can guide you on the fly-fishing journey of a lifetime.

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Butte Montana Fishing

Both river and lake fishing and fly-fishing are popular around the Butte, Montana scenic area. Visitors can hike to alpine lakes in Anaconda-Pintler Wilderness, Tobacco Root, Pioneer, Flint ranges, or venture further afield to the Missouri, Madison, and Blackfoot rivers. Crystal blue lakes, rushing and pooling riverscapes, lush green pastures are nestled together inside a horizon of snow-capped mountains in this great city in Montana.

You can find almost any quality of fishing condition close to Butte. Several public fishing-access sites offer easily accessible shoreline fishing. Kids can safely cast at the fishing pond at Skyline Park or at Homestake Lake just 10 minutes east of Butte on Interstate-90. Ice fishing opportunities are popular during the winter at the local favorite hotspot of Georgetown Lake. No matter what your style and preference, we will be able to get you into some of the most pristine waters left in the United States, teeming with trout and overflowing with opportunity.

Several pristine blue-ribbon trout streams that surround Butte offer world-class angling conditions. Trout is prolific in the local waters, ranging from browns, bulls, cutthroats, golden and brown trout, as well as rainbow trout. Anglers can also find large numbers of sauger, sturgeon, walleye, and largemouth bass in the lakes, rivers, and streams in and around Butte. The question is never ‘if’ you’ll catch fish. It’s ‘how many’?

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The Best Fly Fishing in Butte Montana

Fishing is also surprisingly good in the local rivers, particularly the Upper Clark Fork to the west of town. The Little Blackfoot, the Madison River, the Missouri River, the Beaverhead, the Jefferson, and the Big Hole Rivers are all relatively close by and offer superior trout fly-fishing. The Anaconda Settling Ponds have large numbers of monster trout during select times of the year and provide for waterfowl hunting as well.

From May to October, fishing is at its best and the rivers are well-traveled. Locals are able to take advantage of the quieter times of year to enjoy outdoor recreation with friends and family. For the off-high-season excursion to please even the most seasoned angler, winter ice fishing and early spring river and lake fishing can be a quieter time to enjoy the wilds of Montana. When you are decked out in the best, state-of-the-art clothing and gear, no weather is too daunting for the avid adventurer. It’s part of the thrill of the game.

Imagine a mild summer morning at sunrise. The surrounding mountains call to you with their snowcapped peaks, urging you to get out at daybreak. The river you will be guided on is just a quick drive away and before you know it, you are loading the boats into the waters, still hazy with fog rising into the cool breeze. Accompanied by nature’s symphony of babbling waters, clicking crickets, chirping birds, all while in the warmth of the glistening sunshine under the Big Sky, you become immersed in the landscape and the ‘zone’ of the moment.

Butte Montana Fishing Guides

The Montana vacation dream always includes a stop at the local fly-fishing shops, of which there are quite a few. There you can stock up and get ready for the journey and meet some of the local anglers and experts. We at Montana Fishing Guides are always up-to-date on all the latest fishing reports, so we tend to choose the perfect places at any given time. From the shoreline fishing to river and stream fishing in boats, to catch and release, to ice fishing in the winter, some of the best fishing in the world is to be had right here in Butte, Montana. Montana is truly a year-round destination spot for outdoor adventure.

Montana Fishing Guides are considered one of the top fishing guide companies in the Butte area as well as most of the state of Montana. We know our waters like the back of our hands. We specialize in guided fly-fishing trips and have traversed all over the state to find the most incredible locations to suit every kind of fishing fan from novice to expert. Relying on the expertise of a serious guide can eliminate any hassles or worries. We can make sure you get the most out of the few days that you can get away to Butte. You will be able to relax and leave the planning to us.

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Booking the perfect fishing getaway is easy when you choose the best guides. We offer half-day, full-day, or multiple day trips to satisfy any schedule or budget. When you leave the planning organization to us, we’ll show you the state like no other group of guides. The Big Sky is not even the limit when you visit the most beautiful state in the country for the largest, most pristine natural environment just there for the enjoyment. Get away to Butte, Montana to get a glimpse of all that Montana has to offer.

Whether you are preparing for your first trip with the kids to Montana to teach them your favorite sport or whether you and your dad are coming back for your twentieth annual fishing vacation, you can count on Montana Fishing Guides to make you sure you get everything out of your fishing trip that you desired and then some! You and your companions will be treated to memories that will set the bar for every future adventure. It’s the stuff that dreams are made of when you spend it on the rivers of Montana.

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