Fishing Report, May 1

Fishing Report, May 1 The last few weeks has been pretty awesome in Montana. Great weather and great fishing... Really hard to beat. The Missouri River is fishing great, the Flathead River is fishing great and the lakes in the Valley are really good too. The Flathead will probably blow here pretty soon and not be a good option until late June or early July. The local lakes are fishing [...]

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Fishing Report, April 22

Fishing Report, April 22 Winter has slipped it's grip for a bit and it's feeling more like spring in Montana. Temps above freezing, clouds in the sky, maybe a few rainy days... That's what spring in Montana is all about. Fishing across the state is pretty awesome right now. Rivers are on the drop, clarity is great, bugs are hatching and the fish are hungry. The Flathead River is fishing [...]

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Fishing Report, April 16

Fishing Report, April 16 Winter has been hanging out the last week or so. Spring in Montana comes in many forms... Warm one day then snowing the next. It's all part of spring in Montana. The last week or so has been pretty wintery. This next week looks to be a bit warmer. Temps are going to be in the 50's next week and there should be some sunshine. The [...]

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Fishing Report, April 13

Fishing Report, April 13 Over the last month we have had some really great weather and fishing in Montana. We had some really nice weather days and the fishing was pretty darn good. The Flathead River has been fishing great nymphing and there has been some really good dry fly fishing on the right days. Flathead Lake haas been giving up some nice fish too. This time of year we [...]

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Fishing Report, March 16

Fishing Report, March 16 Ice fishing season is officially over for the year. Warm weather has started to affect the ice conditions and things are no longer 100% safe out there. This ice fishing season was soooo much fun and there were so many really fun trips on the ice. We are really looking forward to ice fishing season next year and more good times on the hard water. Tune [...]

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Fishing Report, February 11

Fishing Report, February 11 The last week's ice fishing trips were very successful. Fun days with great weather and great fish activity. From a fun ride out and back from the fishing spot to great activity from Kokanee Salmon and perch. The real winner has been the great perch fishing we've been landing on. By Montana standards, the perch have been a little bigger and good numbers. The weather outlook [...]

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