Fishing Report, April 21

Fishing Report, April 21 Spring is still hanging in there with some very Spring type weather. We've had snow, rain, cold, warm sun and clouds. You name it we've had it. Very typical of most springs in Montana. This will all play out very nicely for water this year. The weather is looking like it's going to keep the trend going. We're looking at 50's with some rain and snow. [...]

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Fishing Report, April 14

Fishing Report, April 14 We are back to a pretty normal Montana Spring right now... Some days it's cold and some days it's a bit warmer. Snow here and there with a smattering of sunshine. This weekend we are going to see some warmer temps on this side of the divide. Sunshine and almost 60 by Friday and Sunday, then early next week we may see some rain. The east [...]

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Fishing Report, March 30

Fishing Report, March 30 With ice fishing no longer being a safe option we are on to the rivers and Flathead Lake. The local river, Flathead River has been really good, producing some really nice cutthroat and rainbow trout. The Clark Fork River is a great trip right now too. Nice cutthroat, rainbows, and the occasional brown trout it's a great change of pace. The Missouri River is still holding [...]

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Fishing Report, March 18

Fishing Report, March 18 What an ice fishing season this has been! We started in November and it's still kicking along for a few more days. Ice conditions are good right now but will deteriorate quickly. We'll keep you posted as it unfolds. The Flathead River, Missouri River, and Clark Fork Rivers are great options for the fly fisherman. Flathead Lake is also a good trip for the conventional anger [...]

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Fishing Report, March 1

Fishing Report, March 1 I can't believe it's March already. The last few years we've had some pretty warm weather in March but this year winter seems to be holding strong. Last week it was pretty darn cold outbut it's warmed up a little bit. It's still fairly cold out and nighttime lows are in the teens for the next 7-10 days. Let's keep this iceball rolling as long as [...]

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Fishing Report, February 12

Fishing Report, February 12 Another great week on the ice. Lake trout have been very active and lots of fun to catch. We've been seeing good numbers of smaller fish and hanging a few nicer fish every day. The weather has been perfect! Cold at night with temps above freezing and some sunshine later in the day. The next 7 days look like much of the same. Teens at night, [...]

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