Fishing Report, November 25

Fishing Report, November 25 This last week has seen some really good ice fishing trips! Ice is very solid and the fish are active. With cold weather in the extended forecast, I would expect the ice to keep growing and the fishing to remain great! Fishing Report, Whitefish The Whitefish area has some really good options for ice fishing. North of town there is good ice fishing for perch, pike, [...]

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Fishing Report, November 19

Fishing Report, November 19 Ice fishing seems to be officially here. It's definitely a few weeks sooner than most years but it's here nonetheless. 4-6'' of ice west of Kalispell gives some good options for a fun day on the ice. If you're looking to get on the river then Lake Superior Whitefish are still in the system as well as a new push of trout from the lake. The [...]

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Fishing Report, November 16

Fishing Report, November 16 Here we goooo! It seems winter is upon us and ice fishing is a good safe option right now. Lakes west of Kalispell are coming in a 3.5-6'' of solid clear ice. This is a great start to the ice fishing season. There is really no snow on top of the ice right now and there is not much snow in the 7-day forecast. No snow [...]

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Fishing Report, November 12

Fishing Report, November 12 The last few days have been really good on the Flathead River. Lake Superior Whitefish have been fairly active and really fun to catch. Little green and gold tube jigs have been the key. Also finding the right water is very important. I seem to be finding good numbers of fish in the larger holes in the system. Big holes with lots of dead water and [...]

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Fishing Report, November 9

Fishing Report, November 9 It's been a really busy guide season on the rivers and now things are starting to shift to winter. Actually, it's already shifted into a winter pattern. We've had about a week or two of really cold weather and it's looking like we will be cold for quite a bit. Some of the local lakes are starting to freeze up and rumors of a few folks [...]

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Fishing Report, May 1

Fishing Report, May 1 The last few weeks has been pretty awesome in Montana. Great weather and great fishing... Really hard to beat. The Missouri River is fishing great, the Flathead River is fishing great and the lakes in the Valley are really good too. The Flathead will probably blow here pretty soon and not be a good option until late June or early July. The local lakes are fishing [...]

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