Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters Montana Fishing Guides offers fishing charters of all types in the Flathead Valley. From trolling for lake trout, jigging for whitefish, fly fishing trips on the river, pike trips, spinning rod trips for crappie and ice fishing… Montana Fishing Guides will put you on fish and show you a fun day on the water. We specialize in knowing where the fish are, what they are eating, and putting [...]

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January 3 Ice Fishing Report

January 3 Ice Fishing Report Montana Fishing Guides has been out on the ice for the last 3 weeks taking people fishing and having a good time. The fishing has been good, everyone is catching fish and having a good time. Montana Fishing Guides is doing guided ice fishing trips daily and showing people a great time. From the family looking for something different to do to the avid angler [...]

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December 26 Fishing Report

December 26 Fishing Report The Flathead Valley has had some great ice conditions the last few weeks along with really good fishing. Things have gotten a bit colder, some snow and the ice is getting thicker. Most places have 8-9'' of nice clear ice. Still, proceed with caution and make sure you a re on safe ice. There are still places that I wouldn't go out on due to unsafe [...]

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Fishing Boat

Fishing Boat It's a tool that I spend probably 250-275 days a year in. I’ve been in a fishing boat or two so I thought I would talk a bit about what makes my perfect fishing boat? Reliable, inexpensive to maintain, effective tool for the job, and well… a good looking fishing boat.   Reliable Fishing Boat As a fishing guide, I must have my fishing boat to work. It’s [...]

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December 13 Ice Fishing Report

December 13 Ice Fishing Report Christmas is just about a week away and winter feels like it is moving right along. The last few days it has been cloudy, not much sunshine, and not too terribly cold. Highs in the mid to upper 30's with lows at night in the teens and low 20's. it looks like we might be getting some snow, highs in the 30's and lows in [...]

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December 2 Fishing Report

December 2 Fishing Report December 2 already? Time is flying right along and pretty soon we'll be celebrating the New Year and ushering in 2021. For now we have 28 days left so lets make the most of it! We have had a great run of warmer than normal weather for the last month or so in the Flathead Valley. It's been great to get a sunny and warm early [...]

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