June 10 Fishing Report

June 10 Fishing Report 10 days into June and the Flathead River is getting close to fishable! We've had some serious runoff this year, flows bumped up to over 50,000 CFS a few weeks ago. All this water is going to work out great for later in the year. Right now the river is running at 30,100 CFS and on a good drop. The Middle Fork and North Fork are [...]

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June 2 Fishing Report

June 2 Fishing Report Is it June already? Feels like it was April a week ago but now here we are at the second day of June. Starting to feel a bit more like summer the last week. The Flathead River is raging right now and totally unfishable at the moment. Flows peaked at 50,000 CFS yesterday. The North and Middle Forks are on the drop for the last two [...]

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May 23 Fishing Report

May 23 Fishing Report The Flathead River is flowing at 38,000 CFS, she's big and muddy. Yesterday the river started to drop a bit so lets see how long it stays on the drop. There is more snow to come down so I would expect the river to continue to be blown out for the next 3 weeks or so. That might change but it really depends on how warm [...]

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May 18 Fishing Report

May 18 Fishing Report It's the middle of May already... Where does the time go? So far this may we have had some great weather and lots of good fishing on the rivers and local lakes. The Flathead River was fishing great for about a week but now its on a big rise and muddy. Rogers Lake is fishing great for grayling and cutthroat and we have a few sneaker [...]

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May 13 Fishing Report

You gotta love May in Montana... One minute it's snowing giant flakes, the next it's sunny, one day it's sunny and 70 the next it's cloudy and 50. One thing that's for sure is the fishing, it's good... So good! The Missouri River is fishing lights out right now, the Flathead River is coming in shape and the lakes in the Flathead Valley are prime. The Missouri River is flowing [...]

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Best Trout Rivers in Montana

Best Trout Rivers in Montana Montana has so much water and so many fish where would you ever know where to start? Right here! I’m going to talk a bit about some of the best trout rivers in Montana.  Best Trout Rivers in Montana - Flathead River I might be parcial on this one but I think the Flathead River is definitely one of the best trout rivers in Montana. [...]

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