Fishing Report, January 31

Fishing Report, January 31 The last few weeks has been pretty nice in the Flathead Valley. Cold nights have been making new ice and day time temps in the 30's have made it almost perfect weather for the ice angler. Not to cold and good fishing! on guided trips we have been targeting Crappie, Lake Superior Whitefish, Smallmouth Bass, Kokanee Salmon and Perch. While the Lake Superior Whitefish have been [...]

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Fishing Report, January 7

Fishing Report, January 7 The last week has been really good for the ice fisherman in Flathead Valley. Cold temps have firmed up a few more lakes and more options for the ice angler. The cold weather was just in time. We've had a good amount of snow the last two days, which will insulate the lakes and snow down making new ice. Hopefully, things will stay cold and we [...]

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Fishing Report, December 31

Fishing Report, December 31 The ice fishing has been pretty fun the last week. From pike on tip-ups to crappie and jigging up sunfish... Guided ice fishing trips have been really fun. In general, there has been one slow day but for the most part, action is pretty good. The colder weather we have been getting is starting to make some good ice and we'll see a few more lakes [...]

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Fishing Report, December 24

Fishing Report, December 24 The ice fishing season is finally upon us in the. Flathead Valley. Things started out pretty warm but in the last 10 days we have had some cold weather that has firmed up a number of the local lakes. Not every lake has safe ice but there are a few good options out there. Over the next week we will see temps dropping below zero at [...]

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Fishing Report, April 21

Fishing Report, April 21 Spring is still holding in there and Montana is fishing pretty good right now. From the Flathead to the Missouri River... It's time to get on the water and go fishing! One day it's snowing then like today, it's sunny and 64. Bugs are on the water and some days the fish are eating them. Flows are holding steady and temps are on the rise. Fishing [...]

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Fishing Report, April 19

Fishing Report, April 19 Spring is still here in typical Montana fashion... Warm one day then snowing the next, few more days of sunshine then snowing again. With that said the fishing has been really good. Local lakes are starting to pick up, the Flathead River is giving up some fish on dry flies and the Missouri River is fishing really good too. The Flathead River is flowing at 7750 [...]

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