Fishing Report, November 1

Just a little cold snap[ the last week or so. It’s been cold but the fishing has been great. Lake Superior Whitefish on the Flathead River have been really active. We’ve been finding good numbers in the river and some new spots I’ve never seen them before. The weather is looking great for Whitefish. Cooler and rainy, highs in the 40’s with lows in the high 20’s at night, they love that. I would expect fishing to get better and better as we get into December. Fishing Report November 1


Fishing Report, Whitefish

Fishing Report, WhitefishNot far from Whitefish the Flathead River is the best call for guided trips. Does a jet boat, spinning rods, and keeping a few fish sound like a fun time? Lake Superior Whitefish are a great species to target this time of year. They are most effectively fished with spinning rods, willing to eat jigs, and hard fighters! On guided trips, all the equipment is included and we’ll spend the time with you showing you how it is done. Green tube jigs on 1/8 oz heads are very productive. When you’re in the water you think they are make sure your jig is always on the bottom. Staying in touch with the bottom and your jig is the secret.

Fishing Report, Kalispell

You guessed it… Lake Superior Whitefish are not far from Kalispell either. Same as above whitefish are a great species to target, fight hard, and taste great. It’s perfectly acceptable to keep a few fish if you are going to eat them. They are best eaten fresh, that day. I like to fillet them out and cook them in a tin foil package. Some lemon, pepper, salt, and ginger, 350 for 20 minutes and you have a great tasting dinner.

A few tips… Detecting soft takes will increase your catch rate. It’s hard to explain what soft takes are… It’s usually something weird? What was that? Felt weird… Probably should set on that. Some days they really want to eat it but lots of times it’s a soft take. If you can get used to setting on the weirdness then you’ll catch more fish, I promise.

Guided Trips

If you’re looking for a fun day on the water then look no further! Montana Fishing Guides offers guided fishing trips 12 months, and 365 days a year. We provide all the equipment and a great guide to show you how it’s done. 406-233-9001, give a call anytime as the phone is on 24-7. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and get a great trip set up.