Coronavirus Information

The State of Montana will be lifting the 14-day quarantine for out of state travelers on June 1.

Starting June 1, there is no more 14 day quarentine for out of state travelers. Montana Fishing Guides is running guide trips with some precautions in place for everyones safety. Please call for more information on safety protocols in place.

Please expect social distancing practices by guides. We all want to give a big hug and a high five but we’ll save those for later. If you have a Hepa mask please brig it on the trip and/or wear a Buff over your face. Every bit of protection helps. If you have been sick or a close family member has been please let us know, we want to fish with you but we must stay safe.

Cancellation Policy Changes

Reservations can be altered within 30 days of your trip, without losing your deposit, as long as you use the deposit to rebook at a later date in 2020 or 2021. This will allow you to keep your booking in 2020 or move it it 2021. If travel restrictions or illness prevents you from coming on your fishing trip this will also assure that you won’t be out of your deposit. There is a $25 cancellation fee for any returned deposits.


Change is the one constant and I will be keeping up with the changes that will likely happen in the coming weeks and months. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns that you may have. The phone is always on and I will answer at any time. Looking forward to some fresh air and “Social Distancing” on the river!

Thanks Again,

Rob Weiker

Owner / Outfitter / Guide
Montana Fishing Guides LLC

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