Fishing Report, April 16

Fishing Report, April 16-2Winter has been hanging out the last week or so. Spring in Montana comes in many forms… Warm one day then snowing the next. It’s all part of spring in Montana. The last week or so has been pretty wintery. This next week looks to be a bit warmer. Temps are going to be in the 50’s next week and there should be some sunshine. The Flathead River has been on the drop and has been fishing pretty good. Bugs on the water and fish eating dry flies…

Fishing Report, Kalispell

The Flathead River has been fishing pretty good through all this cold weather. Flows are falling, water clarity is great and there are bugs on the water. Cold nights and warmer days should keep the river in good condition for the next few weeks. Nymphing in the morning and then dry flies when the bugs show up. They’re not everywhere but fish are defiantly looking up. Parachute adams or purple haze behind a chubby is a great call this time of year. Ice came off some of the local lakes about a week ago and are starting to fish pretty good.

Fishing Report Missouri River

The Missouri River is fishing really good right now. Nymphing is really good, streamer game is solid and there is good dry fly fishing on the right days. Hot beads are pretty hot right now with sow bugs right behind. Fish deep and slow or even that fast 4′ stuff. They’re in there… Streamer game is solid too. Faster retrieves than you’d think. Fish them deep and in fast water, fish all that sexy stuff… They’re in there… Midges for days… BWO’s on the water… Fish looking up…

Guided Fishing Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is running trips daily in the Flathead Valley and on the Missouri River. Spring Guide Special is still going until the last day of April. $400 for a 3/4 day or $500 for a day on the Missouri River. All the equipment is included, rods, flies, etc… Guides are all very patient and proficient teachers. Have you never fished a day in your life? No problem! We’ll have you going in no time. Give a call anytime and I’ll get you set up for a fun trip. 406-233-9001