Fishing Report, April 21

Spring is still holding in there and Montana is fishing pretty good right now. From the Flathead to the Missouri River… It’s time to get on the water and go fishing! One day it’s snowing then like today, it’s sunny and 64. Bugs are on the water and some days the fish are eating them. Flows are holding steady and temps are on the rise.

Fishing Report, Missouri River

The last few weeks the Missouri River has been fishing really good. Some days a little grabbier than others but still fishing really good. Flows are 3660 CFS and holding steady. I’d expect the flows to stay below 4k unless we start to get a bunch of rain. Rain is forecasted in the next week so let’s see what it does to the river flows. More rain.. More water in the river. Water temps peaked at 44 today. That’s great for bug activity. Baetis are on the water from the dam all the way down to Cascade. Nymphing has been strong and sow bugs are still reigning kings of the nymphs. Soon the shift will be towards Baetis patterns. Everyday I put a few in the mix to see if they are getting noticed. Found a few fish to notice them but not lots yet. Streamer fishing is pretty good on the right days. What are the right days? Cloudy days are the ones. Fish seem to be willing to eat streamers when the clouds are out. Tougher in the high sun… They also like pauses… Work one or two into each retrieve.

Fishing Report, Flathead River

The Flathead is fishing pretty good right now too. Water clarity is good, water temps are coming up and bugs are on the water. Suns out… Guns out… Bring the dry fly rods and leave the nymphing rods at home.