Fishing Report, April 7

The first week of April has been a good one. Great weather with temps in the 70’s, some cloudy days in the 50-60’s, bugs on the water, fish in the river and smiles on peoples faces. I expect this great spring to continue for the next 7-10 days. Some days will be warmer than others but the fishing will be good. The Flathead River is fishing good and the Missouri River is fishing good. Some of the local lakes have iced off and are now an option when the rivers are blown out. Tune in the next couple of weeks to find out what’s going on with the local lakes.

Fishing Report, Flathead River

The Flathead River is flowing at 8890 CFS and is on a slight rise. The North and Middle Forks flows are also bumping up. The weather over the next few days is looking like rain and snow tomorrow and Saturday. Warmer and sunnier days after Saturday. I think this is going to keep the river coming up and water clarity will be an issue. We’ll keep you posted on what the river is doing. With that said… When the river is green she fishes pretty good. Brown water is no good… Green water is good…

Fishing Report, Missouri River

The Mighty MO is fishing great right now! Flows are 3730 CFS and temps are peaking at 42 in the middle of the day. Nymphing is solid, sow bugs are getting eaten, Pill Poppers, Caviar Sow Bugs, Hot Bead Ray Charles and the hot bead worm are all on the lead bug menu. Just have that non beaded tailwater sow bug on the bottom. I’ve been running pretty heavy and deep lately and finding some good fish. The deeper water seems to be producing bigger fish that are not in spawning mode. That shallow fast stuff has lots of reds and spawning fish in it. More fish are spewing towards the dam and less fish the lower you go in the river. The streamer game has been ok too. Clouds seem to be the big factor. The cloudier the better… Sunny days are tougher and it has been harder to get fish to move and kill that streamer. White streamers have been really producing for me lately. Big white bugs… When it’s sunny out the flashy game has moved way more fish than the non flashy streamers. How about the dry fly game? It’s soooo close! The last few days there have been lots of random fish rising to midges on the river. With water temps are 42 I think it could happen any day now. Low flows and bugs could make for some pretty awesome dry fly fishing.

Spring Guide Special

Montana Fishing Guides is still running it’s Spring Guide Special. Full Day Missouri River trips are $450 and Flathead River 3/4 Days are $325. Guide trips are for 2 anglers, all the rods and flies are included, snacks and beverages on Flathead trips and a nice riverside lunch on the Missouri River full day trips. Give a call anytime, I’m happy to answer any questions you have and set up a fun day on the water.