Fishing Report, December 21

Another great week of ice fishing in the books. We had some really good trips with good fishing. We have not seen the cold temps we are used to so it’s been very enjoyable on the ice. Night time lows are in the low 20’s with highs in the 30’s. We have 3 really good ice fishing options right now and they all have 5-6” of clear hard ice. It’s hard to believe that we are making ice but we are. The last week I’ve seen the ice grow about an inch. The 7 day forecast is showing a small chance of snow tonight, Friday night, and hopefully a white Christmas. Lows at night will be in the teens with highs in the 30’s. Starting to feel like winter!

Fishing Report December 21_1






Fishing Report, Kalispell

West of Kalispell is where it’s at ice fishing. There are a good number of safe options out that way. Perch, pike, and a few spots for trout. The ice seems to be thinner out that way so be cautious when venturing out on the ice. The ice also seems to be pretty clean with very little snow on top. Spooky… Spooky for the fish I mean. They can hear you from a mile away. Those bigger creatures know you’re there so getting your sneak on will keep them from spooking. Think hunting… You’re probably not going to drive a tank through the woods right? Stomping around, making lots of noise, and making lots of ruckus will 100% spook the bigger ones.


Fishing Report, Whitefish

North of Whitefish the perch fishing is hot! Today was great. Good numbers and sized perch were very active. Dead Sticks and jigging were both productive. Let’s hope they stay active for a few more days. Pike were also active today. They were eating baits on tip-ups and willing to eat jigs. Good fun! I’m sure you can use any jig right now but we have been using verticle spoons tipped with maggots, and horizontal jigs with thin sensitive tails… Ratsoooooo goooood. You know what I mean. Keep moving or post up, however you want. If you’re not finding them then do big moves then hone in with smaller moves to stay on them.

Guided Trips

We are doing guided ice fishing trips for the rest of the season. There is good safe ice and the fishing is good. We’ll keep you warm, comfortable and show you how it’s done. Guided ice fishing trips are private so it’s just you, your group, and the guide. We supply all the equipment and will show you a fun day. 406-233-9001, give me a call anytime as I’m very happy to answer any questions you have and set up a fun day on the ice.