Fishing Report, December 24

The ice fishing season is finally upon us in the. Flathead Valley. Things started out pretty warm but in the last 10 days we have had some cold weather that has firmed up a number of the local lakes. Not every lake has safe ice but there are a few good options out there. Over the next week we will see temps dropping below zero at nights and day time highs will be in the single digits. This will bring a few more lakes online and create more options for ice fishing.


Fishing Report, Kalispell

Fishing Report, KalispellIce fishing in the Kalispell area has been pretty good. We’ve been targeting perch, pike and big cutthroat trout. As a general rule the fishing has been way better in the mornings. How early? As early as you can get out of the house. 0600 has been a great start time. It’s still dark out but the perch are very active. I’ve been seeing some pretty nice perch this year. probably bigger in general than most years. Spoons have been the ticket for me… Gold spoons to be more specific. Once the clock hits 0900 things really slow down. Pike have been active a little later in the mornings. Once the perch taper off we’ll pick up a pike or two on the tip ups.


Fishing Report, Whitefish

The Whitefish are has been a bit slower to come around. Most of the lakes have been covered with snow keeping them insulated from the colder temps. Lots of snow, slush and unsafe ice has put a damper on these lakes. Spencer Lake has been safe and has good solid hard ice. Stillwater lakes are still very sketchy. I was use extreme caution if you venture up North. The cold front moving our way should firm up some of the bigger lakes and get us going in the right direction. Look for Blanchard to be a great option as things get colder.


Guided Ice Fishing Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is offering guided ice fishing trips all winter long. From perch, pike, crappie, trout and grayling we are on the ice everyday having fun with our clients. All the equipment is included on guided ice trips. High quality equipment, ice houses, heaters, hot soup and high fives for everyone. From the hardcore ice angler to the family looking to get out and experience ice fishing… Montana Fishing Guides has you covered. Give a call anytime, I’m happy to answer any questions you have and set up a fun guided ice fishing trip for you. 406-233-9001