Fishing Report, December 29

Winter is finally starting to creep in a little more every day. It’s cold and some snow systems are starting to move this way. While the snowpack is light, for this time of year, the ice conditions are very good. We are guiding on 7-8” of solid and hard ice. Very safe where we are doing trips. How’s the fishing been? Good! Perch have been very active and the pike have been cooperative too. It seems that most days we hang at least one or two pike but some days we get a few more. The next 4 days we are going to see lows in the 20’s with highs hovering around the freezing mark. I’m tracking a system headed our way that should hit Thursday or Friday. More snow and cold!

Fishing Report December 29_1

Fishing Report, Kalispell

West of Kalispell is sstill fihsing great! If you’re looking for some bigger perch and active pike then head west! Some of the lakes in the Thompson chains are starting to get in the safer zone. Most are still sketchy but people are going out. Bring that spud bar and use extreme caution! I’ve heard of a few people heading out on 2″ of clear ice but that’s way too thin for this guy. I’m looking to 3-4 bare minimum. I think next week at this time we should be in the safe zone. I’ll keep you updated as I know of the conditions.

Fishing Report, Whitefish

North of Whitefish we have been having some great guided ice trips. Lots of families with kiddos the last 4 days. Kiddo’s are catching lots of perch and having a fun time on the ice. the heated ice houses keep everyone warm and happy. Perch have been very willing to eat jigs tipped with maggots. Some days they like the jig and some days they are all over the dead stick on a bucket. Some days they like it in the mud, those seem to be my favorite days. Bigger perch seem to show up and are usually more than willing to eat when they do. If you’re looking to get some bigger perch I would venture out off the weed beds and find some mud. Look for the thin weeds where you can see the mud on the bottom. It takes a bit of time to find these areas but when you do you’ll find some bigger perch.

Guided Trips

Montana Fishing Guides has been rolling out trips every day and having a great time. We’ll keep you warm, comfortable, and on fish. Guided ice fishing trips are private and we provide all the equipment. Everyone gets their own electronics, rods, jigs, and one one-on-one help from the guide. Give me a call anytime, at 406-233-9001. I’m always happy to answer any questions you have and figure out a great trip. The phone is on 24-7