Fishing Report, December 3

Fishing Report, December 3-1In the last few days, we have had some great guided ice fishing trips. Most of the trips we are targeting pike and perch. Pike have been very active and a few really nice perch mixed in with the pike. Another good trip is targeting grayling and trout. The lake has been pretty active early in the morning and tapering off around 10:00. It’s a narrow window for sure. Weather for the next week is looking very favorable for lakes making more ice. Lows in the teens and highs in the 20’s to low 30’s. Ice fishing is really good right now and I feel like this coming week will continue to be solid.

Fishing Report, Whitefish

Whitefish has some good options for ice fishing right now. North of town there are some good options for perch and pike. Perch have been the most active and occasionally run into pike. Later this week there could be a few more spots that are becoming safer options but I will post an update next Friday with the details. Luckily Kalispell is not far from Whitefish so we have good options if you’re in Whitefish and looking for a day of ice fishing.

Fishing Report, Kalispell

The Kalispell area has the best safe options for getting out on the ice. West of town we are seeing good pike activity. They seem to be packed up and on the hunt for food. You can see them on electronics moving in packs, tracking your jig from a long way away, and moving in for the kill. Mornings seem to be the most active. Refusals are pretty common. I’m finding the dead stick is very effective right now. That pike will set there and stair down your jig for what feels like forever. Just let it sit and fight that urge to move it. Don’t do it… and more fish will eat your jig. Pink has been a great color for me too. I like a pink body jig with a meally on it… Don’t tell anyone though… I’m also seeing some really nice perch mixed in with the pike. It seems like the little guys may be scared and the bigger ones feel safer.

Guided Trips

Montana Fishing Guides offers very affordable guided ice fishing trips. $395 for 1-4 anglers and $50 for each additional angler. So for a group of 1-4, the total would be $395 total and for a group of 6 would be $495 total. We’ll keep you warm and comfortable in our heated ice houses, provide you with all the equipment, and put you on fish. Guides, myself and Austin, are fun to fish with and will help you through the trip. If you have any questions you can call me anytime, I’m happy to answer any questions you have and figure out a fun trip. 406-233-9001, the phone in on 24-7.