Fishing Report, December 31

Fishing Report, December 31-2The ice fishing has been pretty fun the last week. From pike on tip-ups to crappie and jigging up sunfish… Guided ice fishing trips have been really fun. In general, there has been one slow day but for the most part, action is pretty good. The colder weather we have been getting is starting to make some good ice and we’ll see a few more lakes come online as the next few weeks unfold. Kokanee Salmon, Lake Superior Whitefish, and Smallmouth will be more of an option here real soon.


Fishing Report, Kalispell

In the Kalispell area, Smith Lake is still a good option. The most consistent action has been on tip-ups for pike. Hang a smelt about a foot off the bottom and you’re in the game. The more tip-ups you can spread out the better your chances. One thing that I’ve noticed is to set up your tip-ups away from where you’re fishing. Foot traffic and noise really spook off the pike. If you can set up your spread far away from noise and foot traffic you’ll probably have better action.


Fishing Report, Whitefish

A few more lakes are coming online near Whitefish. Blanchard lake has been my go-to for the last 3 days of guiding. Most of the action is with smaller Crappie and sunfish but it’s still fun. It’s hard to beat jigging some hard-hitting sunfish out of the weed beds. Catching these little guys brings me back to when I was a kid fishing smaller farm ponds in Ohio. Good times! This is also the perfect opportunity to bring your kids out on a guided ice fishing trip. The action is pretty consistent and there is plenty going on to keep the kids interested. As soon as Beaver lake has 4” of solid ice I’ll be taking trips up there. Kokanee salmon will be on the move and active. Kokanee salmon are great as we can keep a good number of them and send you home with a nice mess of fish for the smoker or the frying pan.


Guide Ice Fishing Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is running guided ice fishing trips daily. From the family just looking for the experience to the serious ice angler looking for a little guidance… We have you covered! High-end ice equipment is provided on all trips, portable ice houses with heaters, and one on one instruction for each and every trip. We get you out on the ice, keep you as comfortable as we can, help you catch fish, and show you a great time! My phone is always on and you can call anytime. 406-233-9001 Give a call and I’ll get you hooked up with a fun day of ice fishing!