Fishing Report, January 9

More great ice fishing this past week. I’ve been on the road guiding south of Missoula. There was great ice and the rainbows were very cooperative. Locally the perch fishing has been great. Most lakes in the area are capped but not 100% safe yet. That’s probably going to change after this weekend. We are looking at some pretty cold weather starting on Wednesday night. Temps will be dipping to -20’s with highs around 0. Winter is going to hit us for a few days! Fishing Report January 9_1

Fishing Report, Whitefish

North of Whitefish we are still seeing some great perch fishing at the usual spots. With the cold weather coming our way we should see some new lakes in the safe zone. I would expect Blanchard and Beaver Lakes to be safe next week. Further north fish and bull lakes should be good. Even more north? Blue and Sunday should be good too if they are not already. I will keep you posted as I know more about conditions up that way. As you start to fish these new lakes sometimes it’s hard to find fish right away. If you’re not finding fish think about big moves. If you’re not seeing fish then consider big moves. Looking for signs of life. No signs of life… Move. Keep those big moves up till you start to see some activity. Words to live by for the early season or if you’re not seeing anything. I always keep this in mind.

Fishing Report, Kalispell

Kalispell area is going to have some new lakes coming online after the colder weather this weekend. I would be thinking of Church Slough, Echo Lake, McGregor, and the Thompson Chain of Lakes. Bitterroot could be an option too. I will keep you in the loop as things freeze up and I have good intel for you. We’ve been targeting perch and trout in the Kalispell area. The perch bite has been good but takes have been very light. We’ve switched up to some softer rods to get a good visual on the takes. If you’re getting lots of refusals keep moving. Moving seems to be the key… Big moves find them and little moves keep you catching them. Words to live by for the ice angler.

Guided Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is on the ice daily and having fun catching fish. If you’re looking for a fun guided ice fishing trip give a call, 406-233-9001. I’m happy to answer any questions you have and set up a great trip. We keep you warm, comfortable, and on the fish! We have all the equipment for the trip. Heated ice houses, comfortable chairs, rods, electronics and so much more. Give a call anytime, the phone is on 24-7