Fishing Report, July 4

Happy 4th of July! The Flathead River is flowing at 13800 CFS and is on a slight dropping trend. Water temps are 55 and the visibility is good. The Flathead River is fishing good right now and I expect it to stay good through the next week. The weather guessers are calling for mid to upper 80’s the next few days then in the 90’s after that. Flathead River, Clark Fork River and the Blackfoot River are all fishing great right now.

Fishing Report, July 4

Fishing Report, Whitefish

The Flathead River has been fishing well the last few days. Nymphing in the morning and dry flies in the afternoon. I would expect the dry fly fishing to improve in the mornings as water temperatures increase over the next few days. PMD’s are on the water and very active in the riffles. It seems like any mayfly pattern will work right now. You can keep it as simple or techy as you’d like. I would expect the PMDs to be around for another 10-12 days or so. Golden Stones and caddis have been around too. The Flathead River is a good full or half day trip right now.

Fishing Report, Kalispell

If you’re open to the drive… The Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers are fishing great right now. Bigger West Slope Cutthroat on the Blackfoot and rainbows and cuttbows on the Clark Fork. We are mostly fishing dry flies on both these rivers. Some mornings we run a dropper if they’re not keying on dries yet. If you’re looking for a different trip then consider the Blackfoot or Clark Fork Rivers

Guided Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is running trips on the Flathead, Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers. All are good trips with different experiences. Give a call and I can get you lined up on the best trip. 406-233-9001, call anytime. the phone is on 24-7