January 3 Ice Fishing Report

Montana Fishing Guides has been out on the ice for the last 3 weeks taking people fishing and having a good time. The fishing has been good, everyone is catching fish and having a good time. January 3 Ice Fishing ReportMontana Fishing Guides is doing guided ice fishing trips daily and showing people a great time. From the family looking for something different to do to the avid angler looking to get after it through the ice… We have you covered!

The weather the next week is looking a bit warmer than normal. Highs in the upper 30’s and 40 and lows at night are in the 20’s. The lows at night will keep the ice nice and hard. Most lakes where we are taking trips have 8” of solid ice on them. 8” of clear ice is plenty safe, a few more inches and you could drive a small truck on it. It’s very safe where we are taking trips.

Flathead Valley January 3 Ice Fishing Report

In the last week or so, trout fishing has slowed down a bit. It was on fire for about 2 weeks but it’s slowed down. Maybe it’s the full moon or maybe it’s just how it goes but chances are limited but the fish are big. Nice cutthroat is the reward for the patient angler. Be in the right spot with the right stuff and don’t miss the eat and you’ll be rewarded. Little jigs with maggots are the key. Fish them small and where the fish are… Suspended and cruising for sure. How about perch and pike? Funny you should ask. Perch fishing has been good. Fish are active and willing to eat. granted there have been a few more refusals the last few days but just work through them and you’ll find something they’ll eat. Tiny plastics seem to work the bests for me. Just keep changing till you find something they’ll eat. Think outside the box… Something they haven’t seen before. I’ve been catching pike while I’m fishing for perch. Fishing the same perch jigs has been producing pike. They’ll eat them for sure.


Montana Fishing Guides is out on the ice daily guiding trips and catching fish! We can take any group size and experience level out for a fun day of fishing. Give us a call anytime to find out more about our trips. All the equipment is included so you won’t need anything except a fishing license and warm clothes.