June 13 Fishing Report

June is moving right along and before we know it we will be celebrating the 4th of July. The Flathead River is flowing at 28,000 CFS mostly because the south fork is dropping like a rock. The North and Middle Forks are on a slight bump right now. We are supposed to get some rain this weekend so lets see how much we get and how it effects the river. More rain = More water, Less Rain = Less water. Tune in Monday for a report on how the river is shaping up. For now I’m sticking with my hunch of June 20….

June 13 Fishing Report Missouri River

The Missouri River is fishing great right now. The big news is that the dry fly fishing is going well. PMD’s are all over the place and caddis are on the water and in the bushes like crazy. Sunny days are not as good as cloudy days and windy days are not as good as calm days. Today there were lots of fishing eating on top and willing to eat dry flies. Play the game and you’ll be rewarded. If you are looking for some dry fly sight fishing and head hunting then now is the time. Bring your best reach cast, drag free drift and hook set and we’ll go get’m!

June 13 Fishing Report Rogers Lake

If you are in the Flathead and looking for a guided trip then let Montana Fishing Guides show you Rogers Lake. It’s a super fun lake just outside of Kalispell. It’s full of chunky grayling and some stud Cutthroat Trout. Callibaetis are starting to come off and you might luck out on the first solid dry fly day on the lake. Nymphing has been the most productive. PT’s are my favorite fly followed by a Hare’s Ear  and pink scud. How about a balanced leech? they work too!

IF your looking for a fun day on the water give Montana Fishing Guides a call and we’ll get you hoked up!