June 30 Fishing Report

Last day of June already? Where did June go? Well, here we are ready to roll into summer and it’s raining like cats and dogs. It’s been a really long time since we have had this much rain this late in June. The river is full and still coming up.

June 30 Fishing Report Flathead River

About a week ago the Flathead River was running at 23,000 CFS and fishing pretty good. We were getting dry fly eats and the dropper was getting eaten too. Big purple chubby was getting attention as well as the purple haze in a few spots. 6 days ago we got a good spike of water from the Hungry Horse Dam and it sort of messed up the river but even then we were still catching some fish on the river all the way up to the day before yesterday the river was producing. Yesterday the river kind of leveled off but tonight I would expect the river to bump up and be off-color. The North Fork is kind of hanging in there but the middle fork is on a huge spike up. Really what we need is the rain to stop so the river will start to drop and we’ll be out there fishing! Wednesday is the wet day to watch out for. Thursday looks like we might get a little rain but not bad… Friday we are looking at sunny conditions and no rain! After Friday it looks like we are good to go on the weather front for a bit.