March 4, Fishing Report

March is here! It’s come in like a lamb and Old Man Winter is losing his grip but watch out! Like the saying goes… In like a lamb, out like a lion. He’ll come back with a vengeance at any moment.  With that said the weather forecast is looking pretty good over the next few days. Some snow in the mountains with highs in the mid 40’s. Not bad for this time of year for sure. Over on the Missouri River, it looks like there is some sun with temps in the high 50’s and low 60’s on Friday.

The Flathead River got a bump of water about 10 days ago and it has moved some fish into the river.  The river is flowing at 4400 CFS and with the North and Middle FOrks on a slight rise. The South Fork is falling, keeping the Main Stem at a steady flow with great clarity. The river has been a bit funky lately with some good days and some slower days. Are we seeing those big fish yet? A few… but not always. How about that for an answer? Every push of water has the chance of moving some beasts. Bugs yet? Seen a few midges but no real bugs yet… If we keep getting some sunny days then I would expect water temps to start to hit 40 soon, then 43, then hopefully some bugs.


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