Fishing trips are up and running in Montana and I’ve been on the Missouri River guiding for the last 8 days. The Missouri is fishing good right now. Nymphing is productive, dry fly fishing is good at the end of the day and the streamer game is not all that hot but is you keep at it you’ll find a few willing to eat the streamer. The weather has been great with temps in the 60’s through the low 80’s, wind has been a bit pesky the last few days and it feels really nice out. Flows on the Missouri are 5110 CFS and ticking down a bit everyday.

What’s the word with the nymph game?  It’s all about he sow bugs. Tailwater sow bug is a strong player, Yum Yum sow bug, caviar sow bug, soft hackle sow bugs and the good ole Tungsten Surveyor are all getting eaten right now. Fish seem to be spreading out into quicker water than the normal insides. Don’t get stuck on the insides and fish some quicker water if your not finding them slow and deep. With all the bugs in the water don’t over look the toilet bowl swirlys.

Bugs? Bug are all over the place! Midges are thick and BWO’s are popping. With all the bugs on the water you’d think fish would be eating dry flies right now. Most days it’s a tough game. Bright sunny days aren’t helping, the “W” word isn’t helping… So what is a dry fly angler to do? Stay out late! The last 2 hours of daylight are where it’s at. The sun dips behind the horizon, the wind dies down and the fish start eating dries. Your window is short so you must be quick and efficient if you want to get more than one or two.Good casts, great drifts and hook sets on point.

If you’re looking for a fun day on the water give me a call and I’ll get you hooked up!