Fishing Report, December 10

Fishing Report, December 10-1Another great week on the ice with Montana Fishing Guides! Lakes are fishing great, fish are happy and so are clients! Good times… The weather over the next few days looks pretty nice, temps in the 30s with lows in the 20s. Starting Monday things are going to get a bit colder with highs in the low 20s and overnight lows in the single digits and even below zero. I’m really liking this weather. It’ll help freeze up some of our bigger lakes and even help with some of the slush we’re currently having.

Fishing Report, Whitefish

The fishing has been good north of Whitefish. Pike, perch, and lakers most days. Lakers have been a good addition this year. They can be tough to find sometimes but keep moving and you’ll find them chasing schools of smaller perch. Yesterday I found a few out in deeper water. You could definitely tell they were chasing schools of perch. You could see the schools coming in and lakers were bigger marks and would break off and attack your jig. One of the lakers coughed up a baby perch while I was taking the hook out. It might be a good call to break out those bigger perch spoons we all love to buy and don’t work that often.

Fishing Report, Kalispell

Kalispell area has good options for pike, perch, crappie, and smaller panfish. I’ve been really enjoying dusk trips for crappie. Starting about 5:00 and fishing till about 9:00 has been pretty productive. Crappie really like those low light times. Why? They primarily feed on zooplankton and Mysis shrimp around here. Dusk and dawn are prime times for those two critters and the crappie will follow. Glow White jigs are very productive right now. I’m liking a wonderbread rat finkie with 2 pink maggots on it. Very effective.

Guided Trips

Guided ice fishing trips are super fun right now! We provide all the equipment, heated ice houses, high-end equipment, electronics, and a fun guide. We can accomidate any group size and age range. How about kiddos? Yup! no problem at all! Give me a call anytime if you have questions about trips or want to book a fun day on the water. 406-233-9001, the phone is on 24-7