Fishing Report, December 4

The ice fishing season is shaping up very nicely. We are starting to make ice on a good number of local lakes and we have safe ice at a few of them. We are looking at 5-6” of clear hard ice where we are doing guided trips. Other spots are between 2-3″. The weather for the next few days is looking a bit warmer with some rain in the forecast. This will help our ice conditions. Any snow on top of the ice will solidify into clear and hard ice.

Fishing Report December 4_1

Fishing Report Kalispell

Fishing Report, Kalispell

West of Kalispell we have some good safe ice conditions. Safe ice is 4-5″ of clear ice. This is thick enough to be very safe. Use caution on early ice. You can never be too careful. Use a spud bar, drill holes, and measure. Be as safe as you can stand. Early ice fish tend to be pretty active. You can use more aggressive tactics this time of year. More active jigging seems to work well at drawing the fish in. I will use bigger spoons this time of year too. they don’t seem to be as afraid of the big stuff right now. I also like to move a lot this time of year. Keep moving and looking for those new spots that will pay off later in the season. If you’re constantly pounding the same spots you’ll end up wearing them out and it’s likely you’ll see less activity as the fish catch on to you.

Fishing Report, Whitefish

Lakes north of Whitefish are starting to shape up. We saw 4″ of clear hard ice up North a few days ago. It’s getting close and I would expect it to be closer to 5″ a week from now. I’ll keep you posted as conditions unfold.

Guided Trips

Montana Fishing Guides is on the ice every day and knows where to take you ice fishing! We’ll keep you safe, warm, comfortable, and on the fish. We provide all the equipment for the day, from warm ice houses to comfortable chairs, ice fishing electronics, and high fives! Guided trips are private, just you, your group, and your guide. If you have any questions about trips don’t hesitate to call, 406-233-9001, the phone is on 24-7