June 2 Fishing Report

Is it June already? Feels like it was April a week ago but now here we are at the second day of June. Starting to feel a bit more like summer the last week. The Flathead River is raging right now and totally unfishable at the moment. Flows peaked at 50,000 CFS yesterday. The North and Middle Forks are on the drop for the last two days. Is this the last push of runoff? Hard to tell… The peak was pretty steep. She might be on the drop but we’ll keep you posted on what happens. Once the Flathead reaches about 23-24,000 CFS we’ll be on the river catching cutthroat. What bugs will be coming? Glad you asked… Golden Stones, green drakes and PMD’s are going to be what the fish will be looking for when it happens. I personally love the PMD’s…

June 2 Fishing Report Rogers Lake

Fishing trips in the Flathead Valley are going to Rogers Lake right now and Rogers is fishing great right now! Grayling are eating leeches and Callibaetis nymphs like crazy! Big numbers of fish. It’s a great day on the water. Beginners to advanced fly anglers all have a fun time on Rogers. We have been catching a few on dry flies out there. Pretty soon the Callibaetis will be hatching and we’ll be fishing dry flies most of the day.

June 2 Fishing Report Missouri River

If you’re looking to get on a river then head over to the Missouri River. A few days ago the PMD’s popped and dry fly season has started. The first PMD event happened 3 days ago on the middle river. Today there was a great hatch for about 4 hours on the upper river. If you’re a dry fly angler then now is the time! Cloudy and warm days are the best. Light wind helps too… Bright sunny days are also an option as the trout will eat PMD’s in the sun but it’s a bit tougher. Nymping is great right now too. Long and deep