Welcome to another episode of Two Minute Ties… Fly tying videos around two minutes. Fast, easy to follow and no BS…

How To Tie A Mini Chubby Chernobyl


Hook – Kumoto Wide Gap Dry Fly Hook Size 14

Thread – Veevus 10/0 Brown

Foam – Rainy’s Cross Link 2mm Cinnamon

Body Cutter – River Road Creations Tappered XX-Small

Dubbing Spirit River UV2 Seal X Ice Dub – Fire Tiger

Wing – MFC Widdows Web White

Legs –  Grizzley Micro Legs Clear


Tying The Mini Chubby Chernobyl

Tying the Mini Chubby is pretty straight forward. Let’s start with the hook. I’m a big fan of the Kumoto Wide Gap Dry Fly Hook. It has a blacked out finish on it, wide gap, micro barb with a nice grabby point. Most smaller Chubby Chernobyls are tied in a 3 XL shank but they have a really small hook gap. The Kumoto wide gap dry fly hook does not have this problem… Nice big gap to hook those fish. Thread? Veevus is a great all-around tying thread, it’s super strong and unwaxed. You can unspin this thread so it lays flat and you won’t cut through the foam bodies as much. Rainy’s crosslink 2mm foam is the goods! Durable and  floats like a cork and comes in so many good colors. Body cutters,  get’m! Stop trying to cut foam bodies with a pair of scissors and get yourself a foam body cutter from River Road Creations. UV2 Seal X Ice Dub – Fire Tiger is my favorite color. Need I say more? MFC Widdows Web material makes the best wings hands down! Well… McFlylon is another good wing material so get both for the tying room! I’m a big fan of the Grizzly Micro Legs in clear are perfect for the Mini Chubby Chernobyl.


Fishing The Mini Chubby Chernobyl

Typically I use the Mini Chubby Chernobyl in August. Typically by this time of year the fish have seen lots of Chubbys and are a bit turned off by them. I’ll downsize to the Mini Chubby and start to get good eats again. I’ll fish this fly two different ways…

1- As the lead fly on a two dry fly rig. I’ll tie a mayfly, beetle or ant off the bend of the hook. The Mini Chubby is visible and makes it easier to see eats on the smaller back fly.

2- As the top bug on a nymph dropper rig. The Mini Chubby Chernobyl has enough buoyancy to it to float a medium-size mayfly nymph below it.


So there you go! Tie up a bunch of Mini Chubby Chernobyls in a bunch of colors and go fish them!