This is a video on how to tie a Purple Haze dry fly. The video has a materials list and detailed instructions on how to tie the fly.

Hook – Dai Riki #300 Size 14

Thread – Purple Uni 6/0

Tail – Grizzly and Brown Hackle

Body – Purple Flexi Floss

Post – McFlyon

Hackle – Grizzly and Brown

Tying a Purple Haze is no different than how you would tie a Parachute Adams. Same parachute style set up but with a different color abdomen and thorax. I tie my Purple haze with a few different body materials. For this one, I tied it with Flexi Floss. It’s very durable and has no sparkle to it. It’s a flat purple color. Sometimes I like to fish a Purple Haze tied with Purple Ice Dubbing. It’s very bright and flashy. I always have both color versions when I’m guiding. Some days they like the dull purple and some days they like the sparkle. One tough thing to learn about tying parachutes is how to make the hackle stay on the post and not fall apart. Some folks like to superglue the hackle to the post but I often find that the glue fails way sooner than the way that I tie them. Check out the video on how I tie all my parachutes and I bet you’ll find it’s easier to keep abdomen and thorax proportions correct, have a durable hackle to post connection and a nice tidy tie off on the head of the fly. Apply this technique to any of your parachute style dry flies.


The Purple Haze is a must have dry fly in Montana! While it doesn’t work all the time it’s a very productive fly. I’m not sure what it is about this bug but it just seems to get eat’n. It works for most mayfly hatches, Baetis, PMD’s, March Browns, Gray Drakes, Hecubas, and Mohags. The Purple Haze is a great dry fly to think about putting in your fly box!