Tying A Jig Mayfly Nymph

This is a great little mayfly nymph pattern that I use during my guide season. I use it mostly when PMD’s are around. I’ll fish it with under an indicator or as a dropper off a dry fly. You can tie this mayfly pattern in different sizes and colors to suit any type of mayfly you are looking to imitate.

Materials for Tying A Jig Mayfly Nymph

Hook – Daiichi 4647 size 16

Bead – Slotted Tungsten 3/32

Thread 1 – Veevus 8/0, Orange

Thread 2 – Veevus 8/0 White

Tail – CDL

Body Material – Veevus or Hends Body Quill, Brown

Thorax Dubbing – Senyo’s Lazer Dub – Sculpin Olive

More About the Jig Mayfly Nymph

Why the jig hook? I’m a big fan of tying flies and fishing jig hooks lately. I like how they ride point up, bounce along the bottom with less snags and seem to stick more fish. Something about that hook ridding up, instead of down, hooks trout right in the top of the mouth. Jig hooks seem to be pretty “Grabby” too, super sharp hooks that want to bite and hold. I really do like the barbless versions of most jig hook too. The longer drop points are even “Grabbier” than the barbed versions.

This is a pattern that I use a lot when PMD’s are in the water column on the Missouri River. I’ll fish this jig mayfly nymph pattern in a size 14 and 16 under an indicator when nymphing and as a dropper when running a dry dropper rig. When using it under an indicator I’ll tie it on as the top fly and typically put a smaller unweighted nymph behind it, usually tied off the bend off the hook.

You can also tie this pattern in different sizes and color combos to fit any color combo that works for you.