June 22 Fishing Report

The Flathead River is flowing at 22,400 CFS right now and is on a slight drop. The Middle Fork is on a slight rise throwing in some color but the North Fork is on a slight drop and the South Fork is falling like a rock below the dam and is so close to being good. Is it fishable yet? Sure, you can fish it but it’s not all that great as of now. The next few days there is no rain in the forecast so that’ll help keep the river falling and turn the fishing on.

June 22 Fishing Report Blackfoot River

The Blackfoot River is a good option right now. Dry flies are getting eat’n as well as droppers. The Blackfoot is on the drop from top to bottom as should stay that way for a good bit. Run that big dry and you’ll get eats!

June 22 Fishing Report Missouri River

The Missouri River is also fishing great right now. The Missouri River is flowing at 8500 CFS and might be on the drop for a few days. There is not much in the way of rain in the forecast until Thursday. Nymphing is solid and the dry fly game is good too. We just had a good bump in flows so there is plenty of cold clean water for the fish to be healthy and strong. PMD’s for days, Caddis for days and little yellow sallies just showed up to the party. Nymphs to be thinking about… Splitcase PMD, Purple weight fly, tailwater sow bug, flashback green machine and the iron sally. Dry flies? Rusty spinner and caddis is what I’m hunting heads with. Find the ones that will eat the caddis…

Montana Fishing Guides is running trips daily from the Flathead River to the Missouri River to the Blackfoot River… Give us a call and we’ll get you hooked up!